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‘Industry Code for Visiting Residential Aged Care Homes during COVID-19’

Yackandandah Health continue to welcome families and friends back into Yack Health in a controlled and measured way, to ensure we maintain a safe environment for our residents and staff.

We are continually reviewing the number of visits per week as part of a staged approach and we appreciate the community’s continued support and cooperation at this time.

The visit procedures are as follows:

  • All visitors must practice hand hygiene upon entry – an antiseptic hand rub dispenser will be provided
  • All visitors will have their temperature checked on entry with a head thermometer
  • Written evidence of flu vaccination will be required
  • Two visitors only will be allowed per day for each resident, for 30 minutes
  • Staff members will be present at the start and finish of visits
  • Visitors are requested to only visit their family member in the designated area
  • No children (under 18 years) will be allowed
  • Pets are discouraged from visits
  • No food is to be brought in
  • Social distancing must be maintained (1.5 metres) and will be marked in visiting areas
  • Cleaners will provide a wipe down of table, chair, and other equipment in between visits

Our pre-screening process remains in place to ensure all visitors and staff:

  • Can demonstrate that they are well, with no fever or (mild) flu-like symptoms.
  • Haven’t been overseas, or on a cruise ship in the previous 14 days;
  • Haven’t been in direct contact with any person diagnosed with Coronavirus;
  • Have been vaccinated against influenza (after 1 May 2020); and
  • Staff screening before every shift, which covers temperature checking, wellness questions and demonstrating strict hygiene practices

Maintaining virtual connections for all our residents will continue to be a focus for our care teams.

We have introduced a few new ways to keep in touch including through video calls, private Facebook groups and by sending in letters and drawings.

Yackandandah Health would like to thank the community for their understanding and patience during this difficult time as we continue to care for your loved ones.

Keeping in Touch – from a Distance

Recent family visitations have significantly raised the happiness levels for many of our residents.  Adhering strictly to rules around social distancing and aged care visits, we have been managing family visits these past couple of weeks and will continue to do so until restrictions are lifted.

Visits on the Mother’s Day weekend were especially appreciated, with plenty of flowers, chocolates, and virtual hugs on the menu!

Due to necessity, technology has played a big part in the communication over the past several weeks, with lifestyle staff managing many Facetime, Skype and Zoom catch ups. Please call us on 6028 0100 if you would like to arrange a catch up with your loved one. We are currently offering morning visits at half hour duration Tuesday through Friday.

Pictured below on Mother’s Day are resident Pepita Hodgetts, with her daughters Sandra and Vicki.

“I look forward to my visitors coming! I feel very excited when they’re here, and I’m looking forward to the virus ending so my family can visit more often.”
– Pepita

“We love seeing Mum again, and we can’t wait to take her out for Friday lunch at the pub soon!”
– Vicki

“We love seeing Mum and look forward to visiting her for many more years! We’re very grateful for the care she’s received in these difficult circumstances.”
– Sandra

Letter writing proves a big hit – Pen Pals are back @ Yack!

Letter writing is back in style! Our residents are thrilled to be on the receiving end of lots of letters written by a group of Yackandandah Primary School students.  – a great initiative during these times of isolation. A BIG thank you to Yackandandah Primary School!

The students, from different year levels, are selecting a resident name from our list and putting pen to paper, with some budding artists amongst them including colourful pictures.  A group of our residents have been getting together and responding to their Pen Pals.  They are impressed with the standard of writing and content of the letters and are enjoying the process immensely.

Pictured below with a small selection of the letters and drawings is, from front – Eril, Judy, Olive, Max, Carol (intergenerational staff member) and Pepita.

Hi Ho Silver! – aka Pete Denahy on horseback

What an amazing place we live in here in Yack.  Where else would you be lucky enough to have a man on horseback swing by for an impromptu visit to some excited children, social distancing of course.  Thanks Pete for dropping by – you sure made the children at Little Yacks’ day. Bring your guitar next time?

Dish Pig wows it with kids

The Yackandandah community’s latest acquisition “The Dish Pig” made a visit to Little Yacks this week.

A big Thank You to the Yackandandah Community for the use of Pig!

The Dish Pig is a mobile dishwashing facility and will be used to support the town’s sustainability philosophy (reducing the need for disposable items).

With Little Yacks needing a new dishwasher – any offers gratefully appreciated – (as part of good practice infection management) the Pig has been a “squealing” success!

The children had a chance to push and prod Pig, hug and hide from Pig, and talk to Pig. Needless to say, Pig was a bit overwhelmed with all the attention and didn’t say much!

Pictured from left to right with Pig: LY staff members Rachel and Siobhan, with Macy, Patrick and Rory